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Proposed changes to the Resource Management Act by National will make it cheaper to build and the consent process faster, Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker says.

“National will repeal the Resource Management Act which will reduce the cost to build and remove the handbrake currently faced by home builders and commercial developers in Queenstown,” Mr Walker says.

“We will also deliver stability to the construction sector as currently home builders face huge problems with consenting and a lack of site inspectors.”

“Many councils are slow to process consents and issue codes of compliance.”

“The rising costs of consents and delays associated with getting inspectors on-site are major problems.”

“National wants to standardise the consent process across all councils. We will reduce the time it takes to issue certification.”

“One solution we are looking at is allowing approved third-party providers to prepare building consent applications and significantly limiting the time for those consents to be processed.”

“Another area we are exploring is whether the processing of more complicated building consents should be handled by specialist regional consenting organisations, removing the requirement that every council has access to those skills in house.”

National is also considering:

  • A building warranty scheme that covers structural defects
  • Updating the Building Act to reflect modern building practices
  • Further refining retention arrangements to better protect sub-contractors

“National will support a strong and stable building and constructions sector.”

“If we reduce the cost of building we can help more kiwis in places like Queenstown.”

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