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Commercial tenants in Queenstown are struggling and need further support to get through this Covid-19 pandemic, Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker says.

“I have spoken to dozens of businesses who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent per year, who are still having to pay thousands of dollars a week in rent,” Mr Walker says.

“There is no reprieve in sight for them either, as our borders remain closed and as a result, they will have no income for the foreseeable future.”

“While many landlords in Queenstown have been fair and reasonable and have worked out arrangements to give tenants the best possible chance of surviving this hit, some commercial tenants have not received this support from their landlords.”

“I have written to the Finance Minister asking for some sort of immediate assistance or guidance as to whether there is any support coming.”

“If there is some sort of support or direction given to these commercial tenants, which would enable them to pay their rents, it would mean more businesses will be able to survive in Queenstown.”

“Times are incredibly tough and we need to help our businesses get through in order to keep our people in jobs and help our community survive.”

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