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The Dunedin City Council should have reinvested its dividends from Aurora, not left power poles to rot and expect consumers to pick up the pieces, Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker says.

“Aurora has failed to invest in infrastructure in Otago and we now have rotted power poles and sub-stations not up to date,” Mr Walker says.

“The fact power prices could rise by $500 per year in some households is just not good enough.”

“A business like Aurora should have strategies in place to upgrade infrastructure so rises like this are not required to happen so dramatically.”

“The Dunedin City Council should know this better than anyone, and like other lines companies have done, should have reinvested its dividends.”

“While I appreciate we need upgrades, this should not be at the cost to the consumer in such a short period of time when some people are struggling to pay their power bills at the price they are already.”

“The Dunedin City Council needs to front up and cover the costs – they were the ones who have benefited from the dividends so its time they invest in the upgrades as they should have in the first place.”

“I continue to be inundated with phone calls about this matter, by outraged residents and also those who are struggling to cover costs without this added increase.”

“Aurora can’t put the burden of their faults on to their consumers - that is not fair.”

“We all want better services including better security on power but it is too much to ask for consumers to pay amounts of up to $500 per year to cover this.”

“Aurora needs to come back to consumers with a much lower increase over a longer period of time to enable households to be able to cover these costs.”

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