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Farmers affected by last week’s flooding need to reach out if they need assistance of any kind, Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker says.

“More than 50 farmers have so far put the call out for help from the farmy army but we know there will be more out there needing assistance,” Mr Walker says.

“I’ve visited most of the communities affected by the flooding in Southland and Clutha over the past week.”

“As the water has gone down in most areas except for the lower catchments, the phase has switched from emergency mode, protecting people and property, to getting farms back up and running.”

“In a disaster, the immediate response is always an incredible effort, but the real works starts once everyone has returned home and the clean-up begins.”

“This is where we all need to come together and make sure we give farmers the help they need to ensure their farms can return to normal.”

“We’re incredibly resilient here in Southland, and the community has done a fantastic job to date of getting stuck in to help those affected.”

“If you can assist in these efforts in any way please get in touch with Southland Federated Farmers.”

“We all know farmers are the last people to ask for help, but if you need assistance please also contact Southland Federated farmers.”

“I’d also encourage farmers to take some time to get off-farm and head to field days these next few days to take a bit of a break.”

“I’m doing all I can to support farmers affected by the floods and if you need help, please reach out.”

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