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Out of $12 billion, this Government could not even spare a few dimes to reinstate full services at the Lumsden Maternity Centre, Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker says.

“Out of the $83 million going to child and maternal services, not a single cent is being allocated to Southland, and mothers in rural Southland are still left living in fear,” Mr Walker says.

“This Government is making it clear if you don’t live in a big city, you don’t matter to them, with little investment in infrastructure allocated to Southland.”

“Southland produces 14% of New Zealand’s GDP, yet has been allocated a mere 0.017% of the $12 billion for three schools to have boiler upgrades.”

“Our roads are some of the most unique in the world and they require safety improvements which this Government continues to ignore.”

“Our hospitals need more capacity and we need more maternity services but without the investment will not be able to make it happen.”

“We’ve had enough of being forgotten about by this Government time and time again.”

“Rural New Zealand deserves its piece of the pie and Southland deserves better.”

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