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This Government is costing livelihoods for workers and businesses in Te Anau and Milford Sound in its reactive approach to the Milford Road, Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker says.

“While the first convey entered Milford via road in the weekend for businesses only, we need to ensure the road is open for normal two-lane traffic as soon as possible,” Mr Walker says.

“To achieve this, we need more investment and resources from this Government.”

“Businesses are currently faced with uncertainty and while tourists can still visit our beautiful piece of paradise, tourism providers are having to operate well below capacity without road access.”

“Uncertainty kills businesses and I already know of one business which has laid off 17 staff, another restructuring up to 100 staff and another who has laid off 10 staff.”

“This Government is asleep at the wheel, and while the community is working incredibly hard to get the road operational, Government Ministers are busy flying over the damage rather than supporting those on the ground.”

“Contractors are working incredibly hard on the road at present, doing a great job, but they need more support.”

“I’ve asked NZTA for an urgent briefing on the road but have heard nothing but radio silence.”

“I’ve written to the Minister on behalf of a business asking for special consideration to be able to run day cruises elsewhere to keep their staff in work and tourists visiting.”

“Rumours are starting to stir up in the community as to how long it will take to open the road to normal two-lane traffic which needs to be addressed.”

“This Government needs to provide the additional resources which are needed to get Milford Road fully operational as soon as possible.”

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