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Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker has welcomed today’s announcement of more 4G services in Southland and Otago.

New cell towers are now live in Limehills, Dipton, Wyndham East and Heddon Bush in Southland, and Waihola in Otago delivering new and better coverage to these areas.

“I’m thrilled to see National’s hard work continued through the Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI2) and the Mobile Black Spot fund.”

“Having adequate cell phone coverage is a constant battle in rural Southland and Otago, especially given the isolation of some of the areas.”

“It is also a safety risk, as in an emergency there are limited options for contacting emergency services.”

“As I travel across the electorate, one of farmers’ biggest complaints is about their access to cell phone coverage.”

“Today’s announcement is fantastic news for rural Southland and Otago and will be of benefit to many people in these areas.”

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