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Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker has wrapped up his 30-day campaign of 30 reasons to thank a farmer.

“Over the past month I’ve shared many simple reasons we should all be thanking a farmer,” Mr Walker says.

“I hope for the farmers following it brought some joy to see all the positive comments, and for others watching it reminded them why we should be thanking our farmers.”

“This year will be one of the biggest for our farming community, as the reviewed proposed water policies are released, most-likely the largest battle this generation of farmers will face.”

“We need to stand behind them and thanking them is a good way to start.”

“They produce honey, meat, vegetables, give us access to rivers for fishing, look after our biodiversity in protecting our waterways, allow access for hunting, let walking tracks through their properties, produce wine, medicines, the list goes on.

“There are so many things we should be thanking farmers for we don’t even realise.”

“It’s been fantastic to see the positivity surrounding my 30 reasons to thank a farmer campaign.”

“Farmers are the backbone of this country and we’re thanking them for this.”

To see Mr Walker’s 30 reasons to thank a farmer campaign visit

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