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It’s been a busy month here in Clutha-Southland as I’ve hosted five MPs who have made the trip south. Thank you to everyone who hosted us at one point or another over the month of October. There has been a sigh of relief in the farming sector, even though it is only a small one, as agriculture is not going to be included in the ETS for now. That is about where the good news stops though, as the water policy still looms over everyone’s heads. I hope you all managed to get your submissions in. As we enter November, it means A & P Show season is upon us and I hope to see and hear from you at the upcoming shows.

I attended the Ministry for the Environment freshwater meeting in Gore. I was incredibly disappointed to hear the Agriculture Minister tell a room full of farmers who took precious time away from their farms to voice their concerns to “get over it”. This Government needs to get out of their fantasy land and face reality. Many farmers will be mentally and financially crippled by this Government’s anti-ag policies. These will have devastating impacts on small rural communities like those within Clutha-Southland.


I hosted Nicola Willis in Te Anau and Winton, visiting different groups and organisations. We caught up with Central Southland College pupils Jack Ruddenklau, Ella Bryan and Caleb Dudin in Winton.


Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi came to Queenstown where we visited several groups and businesses.


I hosted National Police Spokesperson Brett Hudson MP in Queenstown, Gore and Balclutha. It was great to have Brett here to visit and understand the policing issues in Clutha-Southland. Police do a wonderful job and we are incredibly lucky to have such a high calibre of police across Clutha-Southland.

In the same week Judith Collins also was in Southland, as I hosted her for Superblues and other meetings in the electorate. We stopped in on the Pakeke Lions in Gore, who gifted her with the book “Crusher.” We also attended the Pink Ribbon Breakfast, a wonderful annual event organised by Maria Scammel with the support of the Central Southland Community, and a Livestrands meeting, where the current pressures were hot topic.


National’s Agriculture Spokesman Todd Muller also travelled south for a policy even in Gore. We gained excellent ideas and feedback. For those unable to attend, the primary sector discussion document can be found here:


Penny and I went along to the Diwali celebrations in Queenstown. Every year the celebrations keep getting bigger and bigger. It was a real honour and privilege to be part of it. It’s great to see the different cultures in Queenstown coming together to celebrate Diwali. With over 1000 people attending the event, congratulations must go to the organisers who spent countless hours putting the event on. I’m looking forward to next year!


Limehills School were in Wellington and came to see Parliament first hand. What an amazing group of students and wonderful parents. I hope they all managed to take something away seeing how Parliament works.


It was a fantastic day out at the Hawke's Bay A & P Show- Royal A &P show in Hastings recently. It was great to have such a strong show of National MPs on site, and the support offered to us was even better.


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