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As Clutha-Southland prepares to go into a Level 4 Alert in response to Covid-19 with the rest of New Zealand our caring community spirit is stronger than ever, Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker says.

“We are incredibly lucky to live in a caring rural community who naturally look out for one another,” Mr Walker says.

“Making sure our neighbours are okay, our grandparents are safe and our friends are well is just what we do in the deep south.”

“Now though is a good time to call that friend or family member you haven’t spoken to recently as we all go in to self-isolation.”

“The economic impact of this Level 4 Alert will be huge, and some businesses won’t open their doors again, but this is about the health and livelihoods of all of us.”

“In Queenstown, I am dealing with many of these businesses who won’t open again and many employees who have lost their jobs.”

“What is incredibly worrying though is we don’t want a situation where we have hundreds of visa holders who are out of work who cannot get home, which puts them in a refugee-like situation.”

“I’ve also fielded about 250 enquiries from different people throughout Clutha-Southland about what an essential service is.”

“We are all still working through this so there will still be questions.”

“The Covid-19 website has regular updates and is the best place for all relevant information.”

“In all of this remembers two things, only a fool breaks the two-metre rule and the rural sector will ensure we get through this.”

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